This is the webpage of Darlington Support, which was formed based on the Facebook group Coronavirus Support for Vulnerable Darlington.

The response that we have received when we launched the Facebook group has been phenomenal and, as a result, we have grown at an exponential rate marking us one of the largest groups in the country to tackle the Coronavirus at a local level.

Also, we have been overwhelmed by the many fantastic offers of help from volunteers, which is absolutely brilliant! This goes to show how kind-hearted and generous the people of Darlington are.

The purpose of the group is to support residents requiring help across our town by organising the efforts of volunteers who can provide assistance.

We believe that we are stronger as a community if we all work together. In this spirit and in order to coordinate our work, we have set up this website.

If you require help, please complete a request for support form.

Please follow these links if you would like to meet members of the team or find more information about the structure of Darlington Support.

For any other enquiries, please contact us.

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