Appeal for more Covid vaccine volunteers in Darlington

Volunteers needed for second jab push

The Northern Echo: Pharmacy now offering Covid jabs

Pharmacy in Darlington now offering Covid vaccines

New Darlington vaccination centre is now live

The Northern Echo: Community helping out

Thanks to communities helping to feed people in need in Darlington

Collaboration to support the Foodbank

Collaboration brings community benefit

Third national lockdown updates

The Northern Echo: Volunteers hailed as heroes for efforts during pandemic

Darlington Support volunteers hailed as 'heroes' for efforts during pandemic

Healthwatch Heroes

The year the town came together

The Northern Echo: Cards from pupils bring Christmas cheer to residents

Darlington pupils bring Christmas cheer to residents

The Northern Echo: Corner neglected for many years finally cleaned up

Corner of Darlington 'neglected for many years' finally cleaned up

A message from the Deputy Mayor

The Northern Echo: Town named in top ten 'most thoughtful' in UK

Darlington is the 'most thoughtful community' in the North

Fryer's Field

Litter Picking

The Denes

School Uniform project

North Cemetery

Invitation to volunteers to join Darlington support: BBC Interview

Campaigners who saved the library invited to volunteer

Darlington Support appeals to NHS volunteers to join ahead of second wave

The Northern Echo: Coronavirus support expands as demand changes

Coronavirus support expands as demand changes

Pass on a Smile: BBC Interview

The Northern Echo: Children pass on a smile to shielded in letter project

Darlington kids 'pass on a smile' to shielded in North Road letter project

The Northern Echo: Volunteers and football club to work together

Darlington Support and football club work together for vulnerable

The Northern Echo: Charity's first cross-party trustee meeting

Coronavirus support for Darlington group hosts first trustee meeting

Cross-party alliance brings community together

Darlington Support: Pictures of Volunteers

Extract of BBC interview with Darlington Support founders

Volunteers thank police

Volunteers prove that Darlington Cares

The Northern Echo: Hashtag launched to recognise volunteers

#VolunteersVsVirus: Darlington group launches tag to recognise volunteers


Group launches community support line: 01325 978897

The Northern Echo: Volunteers praise council on response

Coronavirus volunteers praise Darlington Council on partnership

The Northern Echo: Volunteers paired with vulnerable

Coronavirus: Darlington network now 'matches' volunteers and vulnerable

How to volunteer

Link to the Team System for Ward Champions to Manage Support Requests

Darlington Support video

Guidance for Darlington Library's Home Delivery Volunteers

Contactless Payments Video

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