The lines are open from 9am to 7pm, seven days a week

[Please read through the whole script to familiarise yourself with its content before taking any calls.]


Receiving the call

You could answer the phone by saying: 'Hello, this is Darlington Coronavirus Support group, how can we help?'

If it is an emergency, please advise the caller to contact emergency services at 999 immediately.

If it is a mental health emergency, please advise them to call 0800 0516171 immediately.

If the caller needs medical help or advice, but it's not a life-threatening situation, please advise them to call 111.

If it is a police matter, but it’s not an emergency, please advise them to call 101.

If the caller has issues related to financial hardship, please ask them to call the Citizens Advice Bureau at 01325 266888.

If the caller requires food, please ask them to contact King's Church Foodbank at 01325 469884 (and to select option 2).  If the caller is not eligible to receive King's Church Foodbank's parcels, please signpost them to The Bread & Butter Thing charity and explain how to sign up using these instructions:

If the caller is trying to find the right health and care services they need, please ask them to call Healthwatch Darlington's free information and signposting service at 01325 380145 or 07525 237723.

If it is a business that is looking for support, please ask them to call the Tees Valley Business Support Line at 01642 662777.


Details we need

If it is not one of the above three cases, please ask the caller if they have access to the internet or if they have any relatives or friends who could submit the support request form on their behalf online. If they don't, please record the following details:

  • Name
  • Phone number (please double check the phone number with the caller as this is the only way for us to contact them)
  • Ward Name (if the caller doesn't know the name of their ward, please take the postcode. After the call has ended, please enter the postcode at this website to find the name of the ward in Darlington
  • Address if the resident is happy to provide it
  • Request (i.e. shopping, prescriptions, a friendly chat, etc)
  • How urgent the request is: 24 hours, three days, a week or other
  • Confirmation that they agree with our Data Protection and Disclaimer Notice. Unfortunately, we have to read the whole paragraph to them before they can agree to it:

By consenting to our Data Protection and Disclaimer Notice, you agree to allow us to process and store your personal data. This information could be shared with other members of the group, Darlington Borough Council or third-party organisations or individuals, where necessary. While we will handle your data with the utmost care, we cannot guarantee that mishaps, accidents or errors will not occur.

End the call by thanking the caller for contacting us and assuring them that we will respond to their query as soon as we can.

Please ask them to keep an eye on their voice messages and to call us back if they do not hear from one of our volunteers within the next 48 hours.


After the call has ended

Once the call is completed, please complete the support request form here

In the email address box, please enter

If the purpose of the call is for the resident to ask a question or provide information and there is no need for a volunteer to complete a task, please select Other as the Ward Name.  Also, please select Other as the Ward Name if you are unsure where the request should be allocated or if you have any questions.

In the large text box at the bottom of the form, please highlight that this request has come from the call centre and include your name and other details of the request.

Please ensure that all the information has been entered before clicking the Submit button.

Finally, please securely destroy any notes that you have taken.


What if the call is disconnected?

If during your conversation with the resident, the call is disconnected, you could try to call them back.  If you do so, we recommend that you withhold your phone number. You could do this by dialing 141 before entering the number of the resident.

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