Sometimes grateful residents offer our volunteers donations or tips when delivering shopping or medication.

After a number of discussions with the team, we reached the conclusion that it would be better to have a clear policy explicitly stating that we cannot accept these generous gestures. Here are a few of the reasons behind this conclusion:

  • We are all dedicating a huge amount of time working on this project and serving our residents because we care about our community. We are providing services at no additional cost to the client. The receipt of any financial incentives, no matter how small they are even when the client insists, could impact the ethos of the group
  • Any expenses, payments or costs, including fuel, that the volunteers incur when providing a service to the community will be fully reimbursed as explained in the Volunteer Expenses guidelines
  • There is additional admin work, procedures and documentation involved when receiving any donations

Therefore, if any client offered any volunteer a donation, our volunteer should politely explain that they cannot accept it as it would be against the rules of the group.

In some instances, local shops, businesses or charities offer to give food or other items free of charge to local residents. The way we deal with these nice acts is by asking these organisations to write a Facebook post in our group and liaise directly with the residents who contact them via the Facebook platform. Therefore, the transaction is conducted between the organisation and the local resident, and does not involve us.

On other occasions, our volunteers offer to make contributions or donations towards our project. We really appreciate these kind gestures. However, we feel that our volunteers have already put in so much towards the success of Darlington Support. Therefore, we feel that we cannot accept these nice offers.

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