Reason for having Follow-up Calls

In order to maintain the excellent service that our residents receive from our group, we need to regularly ask for their feedback.

In addition, because some of our clients live on their own and it could become lonely staying at home all day, we will use the Follow-up Calls as an opportunity to have a chat with them. We know that many residents would like to chat with our volunteers, but do not always feel that they can request it.

To address the above two issues (client feedback and have a chat), we make Follow-up Calls to residents who use our service.

How Follow-up Calls are run

After a request for support has been completed, the Ward Champion has to decide whether a Follow-up Call has to be made to a resident. Having said that, we make Follow-up Calls after all prescription deliveries.

If a Follow-up Call has to be made, the status of the task in the Team system should be changed to "Follow-up Call to be made" and the End Date of the task to the date when the Follow-up Call has to be made. For prescriptions, the Follow-up Call has to be made as soon as possible after the medication has been delivered.

The Follow-up Call could be made by the Ward Champion, a volunteer within the ward or any other Darlington Support volunteer.

We advise volunteers who are making any calls to withhold their phone number when they are ringing the residents. They could do this by dialing 141 before entering the number of the client.

When a volunteer is having a Follow-up Call with the client, they need to check:

1- if the client had any issues or problems when receiving our service: In the event that there were issues or problems, these would be logged in the Notes box within the Team system and potentially raised by the Ward Champion.  If it is the volunteer who is making the Follow-up Call, they need to inform the Ward Champion of any issues to be logged in the Team system and potentially raised 

2- if the client requires additional support in the future: In this case, the caller has to ensure that the client is aware that they need to request future support via our online form or phone line. This could include a separate call on another day in the future. Whether it is a separate call or another task, the caller could submit a request for support on behalf of the resident here:

We recommend that all volunteers familiarise themselves with the Signposting Information in case they face some of these situations.

In addition, it is necessary to read the Befriending Guidance for Volunteers before making a Follow-up Call.

After a Follow-up Call has been completed, the status of the task should be changed to "Follow-up Call completed".

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