Thank you for volunteering to shop for a person who is self-isolating. Please follow the steps below:

  • Before a Ward Champion asks a volunteer to carry out the shopping for a resident, they should confirm with the resident if they have any preference over whether a male or a female volunteer purchases the items. We would like to ensure that residents do not refrain from asking for essentials due to being embarrassed to ask people of the other sex. There have been a few occasions where residents did express a preference
  • Ensure guidance provided by the Government and Public Health England is adhered to at all times – this includes social distancing during shopping, contact with members of the public and when carrying out home visits
  • Volunteers are responsible for maintaining good hand hygiene standards at all times
  • Call the isolating person to confirm what they need using the contact details provided
  • Make a list of all the items they would like you to purchase. Let the individual know that you will try and obtain all the items listed but in the current situation, all items may not be available
  • Ask if they require particular brands, or if you should still buy items if the chosen brand is out of stock
  • Ask the individual how they plan on making payment for the goods
  • Tell the individual that you will only be able to drop off the shopping at the doorstep and check they are able to come to the door to collect it
  • Go Shopping
    • Make sure you don’t carry more than you can safely manage, i.e.:
      • Use a trolley where required
      • If you don’t have a vehicle then don’t buy more than you can carry – you can either pass the task back to your Ward Champion to reassign or request assistance
      • Keep the weight and size of loads per shopping bag manageable
      • If you are delivering shopping on foot, take regular breaks if needed, and try to keep loads balanced
    • Take extra care when walking in unfamiliar areas for potential slip or trip hazards, particularly where areas are slippery when wet or icy
    • Ensure you wear suitable clothing for weather conditions, and we advise you wear sturdy shoes with good grip and closed toes/ heels, particularly for walking longer distances
    • Take a picture of the receipt using your phone as the resident keeps the original copy
  • Deliver the shopping to the individual
    • If using a car to deliver items keep the car clean and disinfect the most used surfaces such as the steering wheel, gear stick and door handles.
    • When you arrive to deliver the goods:
      • Sanitise your hands
      • Leave the items and receipt on the doorstep
      • Knock on the door or ring the bell to notify the person you have arrived and then step back to distance yourself at least 2 metres
      • Wait for the door to be opened for the items to be collected and advise the person to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water after unpacking their shopping
  • Ask the individual if there is any additional support they require - if you choose to continue to support an individual with their practical needs and offer this act of kindness, please ask the resident to submit a request for support form through our website or to call 01325 978897
  • Let your Ward Champion know via text or call that the task has been completed, and if any issues need to be raised
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