Darlington Support is managed by a committee of nine trustees:

Kimberley Scott (Founder & Chair)
George Jabbour (Founder & CEO)
Councillor Anne-Marie Curry
Councillor Chris McEwan (Mayor of Darlington)
Councillor Darrien Wright
Councillor Matthew Snedker (Secretary)
Councillor Mike Renton
Councillor Pauline Culley (Treasurer)
Councillor Stephen Harker

In addition, each ward or area in Darlington has a Ward Champion who is a volunteer that is responsible for ensuring that all the requests for support in their area are completed. They achieve this by coordinating their team of dedicated and hard-working volunteers.

The team also consists of a Volunteer Coordinator, Champions for the Call Centre, the Follow-up Calls team and the Companion Calls team, a Training Coordinator and a representative from Darlington Borough Council.

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