Cross-party alliance brings community together

Representatives from each political party appointed as trustees of Darlington Support

Darlington Support, the local charity behind the 6,000-strong Facebook group "Coronavirus Support for Vulnerable Darlington", appointed as trustees Labour Councillors Stephen Harker and Nick Wallis, who is also the Mayor of Darlington, Green Councillor Matthew Snedker, Liberal Democrats Councillor Anne-Marie Curry, Independent Group Councillor Darrien Wright and Conservative Councillors Pauline Culley and Mike Renton.

In what is believed to be the first initiative of its kind in the country since the COVID-19 outbreak, Councillors from all the political parties that are represented on the local council are now working together as trustees of a local charity to serve their community and help local residents.

Kimberley Scott and George Jabbour, the co-founders of Darlington Support, said in a joint statement: "The only reason why we started this project is to help the people of our town. We would like everyone in Darlington to benefit from it, not only over the short-term, but also long-term. We hope that this group will remain a legacy for our residents even after the Coronavirus episode is over. It would be amazing if out of the darkness, we can have a brighter light that will shine stronger for longer.

"To ensure the continuity of this project, we needed to have more people on board to be involved in leading this charity into the future. These individuals should represent everyone in our town. So we wrote to the leaders of all the political parties on Darlington Borough Council to invite them to nominate Councillors to become trustees. This way, we will have elected people from all political colours who reflect the views of all the residents of Darlington. With the new trustees appointed, this group will always be there to serve our community."

Mayor of Darlington Councillor Nick Wallis said: "As Mayor, it has been wonderful to see the fantastic work group volunteers are doing to help the most vulnerable around the Borough. It's an honour to serve as one of the Trustees."


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