Campaigners who saved the library invited to volunteer

Partnership with Darlington Support provides new opportunities for activists and supporters to ensure the long-term success of Darlington Library

During the battle to save the library, Yvonne Richardson, who was very active in the campaign with the Friends of the Library, kept local residents informed through the Facebook group "Darlington Library - Keep it at Crown Street", which has grown to reach over 1,500 members.

Thanks to the determination of the Friends Group and many supporters who fought hard to keep Darlington Library at Crown Street, this iconic institution continues to thrive despite lockdown. In fact, the library has recently expanded its home delivery service and is collaborating with local charity, Darlington Support, which is providing the volunteers needed to deliver books to more residents who are unable to access the library.

Darlington Support was set up to provide help during the Lockdown and is enabling many volunteers to safely meet a variety of needs. Now the Charity is offering the many people who supported the library so passionately the opportunity to volunteer their time to further support the Library with practical tasks like book delivery and supporting library events.

Ms Richardson said: “The importance of the Library Service and Crown Street building to Darlington’s people was well voiced in the campaign by a great many people. There will increasingly be more opportunities for library lovers to volunteer time to support and enhance the Library Service. The success of the expansion of the Library Home Delivery Service supported by Darlington Support is a good example of this. Darlington Support has shown itself to be well organised in providing volunteers and importantly in providing volunteers with the necessary support and training.”

Local Councillor Anne-Marie Curry, who is also a trustee of Darlington Support, said: “I am proud to have been involved with the campaign to save the library, which like Darlington Support, shows how the community can unite to bring about positive change. Darlington Support has become an umbrella group for volunteers across our town to help causes and organisations close to their heart. We are looking forward to working with the new volunteers to provide the library with selfless individuals who are keen on helping with its current and future plans.”

To express interest in supporting the Library Service and ensuring its long-term success, please complete this form or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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